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It was while I was exploring possibilities for an alternative to the practice of applying a reversed shoe  to a bad laminitic case that I came up with the original idea.

I disliked the use of the reversed shoe as I had found it always compensated the heels long term. Studying the foot for some time, I wondered what I could do to bring support backwards from the toe - at the same time providing support with a clean break over action – and with the added benefit of creating support for the frog. The Design I came up with I called the “Multieze” shoe.


Using this Design I firstly created a prototype in steel but was unable to achieve the angles I needed to have maximum effect over the frog. Subsequently cast models were made which I put on a very lame broodmare and, to my absolute satisfaction, after about five strides, this sore mare started to feel the support and walked a lot more soundly. Encouraged, a few days later I put another pair on a mare in trouble and was again thrilled when she walked off even more comfortably than the first mare. I believed I was onto something special!


I soon realised, however, that casting the shoe design was not going to be the way to advance as they were brittle and practically impossible to reshape. Hence the Drop Forge Technique evolved.


It looks difficult to alter the shape but a simple alteration is all that is required. All that is needed is a vice to hold the shoe and the use of a simple cam whereby the branches of the MULTIEZE shoe may be eased in or out without the use of heat.

John W. Pittard

Master Farrier, Owner, and Inventor


Gaye Jose

Gaye will be fulfilling your order with a smile.


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