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John Lee

Master Farrier

John Lee, Master Farrier for over 40-years, recounts as his testament to the remedial shoesMulti.Eze Horseshoe™ the case of a lame broodmare (Orchid Lady) at Eliza Park Stud which was in foal and in pain from the pedal bone (P3) protruding through the hoof sole. He says “Wea pplied theMulti.Eze Horseshoe™ to the hoof, which resulted in the mare leading a mob of 30 mares (across the paddock) with no problem at all. Just a wonderful result! ”John Lee declares that “As a farrier, I strongly endorse Multi.Eze Horseshoe™100% for incredible results!”.


Dr. Kevin J. Doyle, M.V.B.,

Veterinary Surgeon

Master farrier and equine podiatrist John Pittard built the Multieze Shoe for horses in the late 90's at the height of his exemplary farrier career in Australia. Johns' skill was always in high demand for horses with serious foot diseases such as navicular disease, laminitis, hoof cracks and defects, abscesses etc. He applied many different therapeutic shoes n the course of his work and from studying their benefits came up wit the idea of building the Multieze Shoe, a therapeutic shoe that would combine many of the benefits, namely, open toe, frog support, hell expansion, and even pressure distribution on the walls of the foot.  Just to mention one of these benefits the open toe helps improve breakover which can reduce flexor tendon stress on the laminae in foundered horses. I've seen many horses benefit from the Multieze Shoe and effective in some hores where other therapeutic shoes had failed.


Pip. P. Cooper.

Horse Breeder/Owner, Kulnura, NSW

Falconsportshorse of Australia


It was over twenty years ago that I was first introduced to the shoe now known as ‘Multieze’. Over time I witnessed it used on a range of problem feet for fantastic results. Flat feet, weak heels, shelley feet, laminitic problems….the list goes on!

Every horse improved in their feet – this produced freedom in their movement – and happy horses!

I’m so glad these shoes are now in manufacture and will again be available for use.


John Whiteley

Master Farrier

Hunter Valley Region, NSW,  Australia

I have used the Multieze shoe extensively over the years on thoroughbreds, broodmares, and spelling racehorses with low heels and long toes and found they respond well with the use of a correctly fitted multieze shoe, reducing heel pain and producing good heel growth.

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